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Rotating beverage dispenser

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3 in 1 rotating beverage dispenser with 3 separate sections and large capacity.

The liquid capacity of each can of lemonade is 0.57 gallons, the total capacity is 1.5 gallons / 6 liters.

 Three different flavors in one juice dispenser, perfect for small gatherings or a variety of drink options to meet different guests' needs.

 The body of the beverage dispenser can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The barrel body visual seal makes the juice clear at a glance. The transparent material allows you to see at a glance which juice is stored in different containers. You can easily choose your favorite flavor.

 No need to squeeze, push in to get water. The faucet has a rubber ring to prevent clogging without dripping. Food grade PP material beverage dispenser, durable, easy to clean, large capacity, top cover, sealed and new, with a click, convenient and practical, can be used with confidence.

 The body is specially made for refrigerators. Round barrel body, suitable to be placed in the refrigerator compartment and make the exclusive water dispenser in the refrigerator. Perfect for lemonade, iced tea, mixed drinks, water, beer, and other beverages.

The large diameter lid has a thick silicone sealing ring, which has strong sealing performance, prevents water loss, prevents liquid, air and peculiar smell from penetrating, maintains freshness for a long time, and prevents odor in the refrigerator. A recessed knob on the lid allows you to easily open it to add fruit and ice cubes and enjoy a variety of cold drinks.

Also suitable for placing most types of tea and hot drinks.