Smart Heating Cooling cup Holder for vehicle

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Product detail :

This car smart cup holder uses a two-in-one function to cool or heat your drinks or coffee or tea. Your drink will cool or warm up within a few minutes. You can choose whether to heat or cool by switching between different buttons.

STRONG APPLICABILITY : This smart heater has powerful functions and strong applicability. It can heat and cool cups of various materials, such as aluminum, iron, plastic, glass, etc. aluminum material, compact design.

POWERFUL FUNCTION : This smart cup holder is suitable for all seasons. With it, you can drink a cup of warm tea or coffee at any time in the cold winter, and in the hot summer, you can also drink cool ice Water, it is the best choice for people who use it every day.

WITH BASE : This car cooler cup holder is equipped with a base, which is convenient for low-height cup holders for c-ars, ensures good heat dissipation, is economical and practical, and is also a good helper during the journey.

HIGH QUALITY : This high-tech smart car cooler and heater cup holder is made of high-quality ABS and environmentally-friendly aluminum. It has an exquisite design and is suitable for DC-12V vehicle power supplies and home adapters.