Bread Toaster Machine for Breakfast

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Model: DSL-C02W1
- Color: Green
- Voltage/frequency: 220V-50Hz
- Power: 650W
- Rated capacity: 2pcs
- Material: PP
- Size: 261*142*168 mm (LxWxH)
- Dimension: Length:26.10cm, Width:14.20cm, Height:16.80cm; Weight:1.00KG
Dual sided heating in just 2 minutes to bake the soft and good shape bread you need. Toaster, also known as automatic bread slice oven, bread toaster, is an electric cooker specially used to cut bread into slices and re-bake. Using a toaster can not only bake bread slices into brown, but also make them crispy and soft to increase the taste! Home multifunctional toaster with different home styles, Homemade bread is more delicious, Match your taste, Smile opens every day. This 2 slice toaster making it suitable for a variety of breads such as thin waffles or thick artisan bread, and always keeps the bread It's also equipped with an automatic pop-up feature when the food is ready.