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Shower Foot Scrubber Cleaner

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Product details :

Great Cleaning Effect : Our unique design makes the foot clean and complete. The contour brush design supports the foot for comfortable positioning ,and the pad brush has raised bristles on both sides, perfect for smooth and rough skin and calluses. The softer inner bristles have a contour that gently cleans and massages the soft sole and cleans between the toes.

Improve Blood Circulation : This foot brush provides scrubbing and massage around the feet to relax the muscles of the feet. Stimulate blood circulation and flow to the feet to create a healthy feeling. Strengthen, restore vitality, prevent drying, weave foot and other foot diseases, such as athlete's foot.

Free Your Hands : The opposite of this shower foot scrubber has suction cup。 The suctions will stick to your shower floor or bathtub without slipping. What's more, you don't have to bend over to wash your feet, especially for people with uncomfortable loins.

Size to Fit : Big enough for two feet ,right size to stand on it with both feet, also there's a hook at the top of the shower foot scrubber, so it doesn't take too much room in your bathroom.

High Quality & Easy to Use : The foot brush made of high quality silicone PTR+P material with a durable and soft. Easy to use, no need to bend down or try and balance. Simply place foot on top of brush and move back and forth.